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Sysmex presents

The Art of Particles

Curiosity<br /> is what drives us to explore

Understanding the nature of particles.<br /> The key to heal life.

See more than meets the eye<br /> with Sysmex technolgy.

More accurate <br/> More trust <br/> More clinical value <br/> More than urine - Also for body fluids

Technology that allows you to see more

What’s new?

Modularity and Scalability

Combine the UN-Series according to your workflow needs

Microalbumin and
 Creatinine testing available

Choice of 2 different test strips, one 
including creatinine and microalbumin

Reflectance Photometry
and Refractometry

By use of state-of-the-art CMOS sensor

Blue laser

For a better determination of urinary
particles, particulary bacteria

Improved differentiation
of hyaline casts and mucus

Thanks to the new algorithm including more
information about unique particle characteristics

Improved discrimination
between RBC and crystals

Due to our new depolarized light signal

Go beyond internal QC –
fully automatically

Reliable QC management by our SCNS network

Differentiation of
epithelial cells and casts

27 parameters in total for urine particle analysis

Body fluid mode
always on board

No upgrade needed – switch modes by the switch of a button

Full bacteria count
in body fluid samples

immediate answer for bacterial infections

Differentiation of WBC

9 parameters in total for body fluid analysis –
find the root cause of infections faster



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types of test strips
aspiration volume
samples per hour (max.)



Find out more »
diagnostic parameters (urine)
research parameters (urine)
diagnostic parameters (bodyfluids)
aspiration volume
samples per hour (max.)



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particle classes
images per sample (normal mode)
images per sample (precise mode)
aspiration volume
samples per hour (max.)




The technology of UD-10 consists of an imaging cell
and a moving CCD camera. When one of the 2 cham-
bers of the imaging cells is filled with the sample, the
particles settle down and are then captured by the 
CCD camera moving across the image cell.

The images of the camera are being analysed for the
particles which are classified by size.


Fluorescence Flow Cytometry

Fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC) is the heart of Sysmex's urinalysis solutions and is used to analyse physiological and chemical properties of cells and particles in urine while they are flowing through a very narrow flow cell. 

The sample is illuminated by a semiconductor laser beam, which can separate the particles using different signals:

  • forward-scattered light (FSC)
  • side-fluorescence light (SFL)
  • depolarised side-scattered light (DSS)
  • side-scattered light (SSC)

The intensity of the forward scatter indicates the particle volume. The side scatter provides information about cell content, such as nucleus and granules. The side fluorescence indicates the amount of DNA and RNA present in a cell. The depolarised side scatter can detect crystals as they deplorise the laser beam. 

Furthermore the particles are analysed in 2 channels: A core and a surface channel. Select one of the channels to learn which information is being used for classifing particles. 



The technology inside of UC-3500 consists of a CMOS sensor and a urine flow cell.

The flow cell is analysing refractometry as well a turbidity and gravity of each urine sample.



The technology inside of UC-3500 consists of a CMOS sensor and a urine flow cell.

The CMOS sensor scans each test strip and analyses the RGB value of each test field.

What's next?

Urinalysis becomes truly modular

There’s more to come: Stay tuned for the next phase of our
urinalysis solutions by signing up for our newsletter.